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Rhinestones on nails – Tribal designs on nails – Iowa City


Rhinestones on nails – Tribal designs on nails – Iowa City

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If you need a manicure that works for anything: office, after hours, date night, and everywhere in between, then pay a visit to Grace Nail Salon & Spa | nail salon 52240 Iowa City. We will find a calm yet chic nail style for you!

Rhinestones Nail Art For Our Beautiful Ladies!

With any manicure technique you require for, just add rhinestones to the mix, and you can transform your manicure into a veritable piece of art!

nail salon IA 52240
Nail salon 52240 | Grace Nail Salon & Spa | Iowa City, IA 52240

Why rhinestones you may ask? First of all, they’re basically tiny jewels for your fingertips! What’s not to love? They give a touch of shine and glamour to your hands. Plus, rhinestones are incredibly versatile – they can be incorporated in intricate and unusual designs but also look great on simple, classic manicures. Not to mention that they’re usually used with gel polish which is a lot more durable, and remains flawless at least twice as long as normal polish.

Tribal Nails Designs Idea That Is Very Chic

Among various nail designs, tribal nails always take up important position and are the sole outfits for women for the particular pattern of designs.

nail salon Iowa City 52240
Nail salon 52240 | Grace Nail Salon & Spa | Iowa City, IA 52240

You can easily get an eye-catching tribal design just by combining dots, triangles, stripes, swirls, squiggles, or arrows together. The mixture of wild patterns and vibrant colors, makes this nail trend perfect for spring and summer.

If you ever wondered how various patterns and colors work in nail polish or want a stylish and classic nail look, just take a look at these cool and eye-catching tribal nail art designs.


Our nail technicians are always excited to create stylish designs on your nails. Stop by Grace Nail Salon & Spa | nail salon Iowa City IA 52240 as soon as possible!